Curved Papers Onstage at The NYC Cannabis Parade and Rally, May 7th, 2022 as Chuck Schumer makes Federal Legislation Promises

May 13th, 2022

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Bodega Bars Is On! Check out Curved Papers on YouTube!

December 4th, 2021

Check out the Bodega Bars page!

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July 1st, 2021

Have a great second half of the year!

Play “Pride and Patriots” til Sunday and win some pretty cool prizes by using our FIND STORES page to locate the new Curved Papers vendors all around New York City and Long Island!

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Curved Papers Pride and Patriots Find Stores Contest

June 14th, 2021

It’s a flag waving time of year from Flag Day ’til Independence Day and we’re back out in the real world this year with our family friends and neighbors for the first time in a long time. Our growing map of New York stores is on our FIND STORES page.

Find out how to get Curved Papers prizes by following the NYC rollout and sharing Curved Papers in your neighborhood.

Where’s your go to rolling papers store?

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Joints For Jabs 4/20 2021 Union Square New York City

May 21st, 2021

#tbt Happy 5/20! Amazing a month has flown by since this historic event in NYC that got international attention for a series of events that actually started in Washington, D.C. with Dana Beal and the usual Yippies, Act Ups and NORMLs all held rolling bees and produced 3000 joints that were handed out to people with vaccination cards in a peaceful and festive line that ran out of the park and around the corner all day from 11am til 5pm.

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New York City Rollout 2021

May 21st, 2021

Distribution partner Cool Suppliers has joined Curved Papers in our New York City Rollout 2021! You’ll be seeing our signs in stores all over Brooklyn and Manhattan this Spring and Summer. Please pop in and ask for one of our new styles, RICE, RICE KING or HEMP KING. Tweet us @curvedpapers. Use hashtag #curvedpapersstores and follow @curvedpapers and @curvedpapersstores on Instagram.

Stores, stores, stores!

#gonewyorkgonewyorkgo #homecourtadvantage

It’s gonna be a Summer Of Love in New York City in 2021! #easytoroll

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Weed Is Illegal In New York!

April 1st, 2021

Cannabis Excelsior! 3/31/21

You know where April Fools’ Day comes from? France. Well, not technically. But it has to do with calendars. Specifically with the Gregorian calendar, named after the last French Pope. Switching the beginning of the year to after the Winter Solstice, rather than after the Vernal Equinox took centuries. People used to make fun of people who were not picking up the new calendar, and still celebrated the New Year in the Spring. This is a great time of year no matter what calendar you use. Only four countries don’t use the Gregorian.

We are extending our celebration of legalization in our home state.

Coupon Code cannabisexcelsior doubles your order. Shipping is free. #personalfreedom #fourpack#toyourdoor #gonewyorkgonewyorkgo #NORMLtoroll


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NORML Action Fri 3/19/21 NEW YORK Legalization

March 19th, 2021

The MRTA with justice and home grow is winning. Click on this link to easily send your letter today! The decisions are being made now. Thank you.

My editted version:
I’m writing to you today, and sending you this letter as a constituent with the utmost urgency requesting that you formally co-sponsor and support the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, (S.0854 / A.1248).

Never in modern history has there existed greater public support for ending the nation’s nearly century-long experiment with marijuana prohibition. According to statewide polling data, two thirds of New Yorkers endorse regulating the adult use of marijuana. It’s past time we legalize this plant and use the adult use industry in New York to promote equality, community reinvestment and social justice.

It’s not a giant market, but with hemp, it could be.

You have to allow home grow. It’s antithetical to our American democratic capitalism, that laws and law enforcement be used to favor corporate interests over the consumer. Home grow does not undercut the legal market. Home grow is equity. All enforcement will fall on the poor and people of color. In the name of personal freedom, do not make New York the legal state that doesn’t allow home grow, they way they had a no-flower medical program which was the laughingstock of the nation. Do the right thing, New York. We’re the seventeenth state now. This isn’t rocket science.

As you’re well aware, the Governor has his own separate legislation, tucked deep into his budget proposal in the article VII bills he submitted to the legislature, which he recently amended. While this will be the third attempt the Governor has made to put forward this proposal, I wanted to let you know that the Governor’s proposal falls short in many aspects.

It is essential that New York’s marijuana legalization law includes the following core consumer-centric tenets:

1- The legal option for adults to cultivate personal use quantities of marijuana in private residences;
2- Reduced barriers of entry for those seeking to participate in the legal adult use marketplace;
3- Licenses facilitating on-site consumption, which is especially important for those who don’t own their own residence;
4- Provisions facilitating the automatic review and expungement of past criminal records, and addressing the collateral consequences those records caused with other agencies in relation to Immigration, Family Services, Housing and Education;
5- Provisions prohibiting employers from discriminating against workers in the practices of either hiring or firing solely because their off-the-job cannabis use;
6- Dedicated and adequate funding of social and retroactive justice initiatives through Community Reinvestment Grant fund; and
7- Prevent creating new policies that criminalize use or possession, such as cannabis odor constitutes probable cause.
Cannabis Legalization is more than just legalizing and regulating commercial activity of a controlled substance. It should be a public policy rooted in a willingness to comprehensively reverse the harms criminalization caused. Please support efforts to legalize and regulate adult use marijuana in a way that ensures safe, affordable, and equitable access for all New Yorkers. Thank you. These are difficult times. All the best.

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DTRTNY Watch and Write 2

March 4th, 2021

We had a great Watch and Write again, keeping on keeping on for The MRTA.

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Fab Five Freddy Do The Right Thing, New York

February 28th, 2021

Curved Papers is a New York company, and we’re doing a campaign called Do The Right Thing, New York! to make sure our state does not screw up legalization, i.e. passes the right bill, the MRTA. At our first online event, we had a “Watch and Write” party featuring “Grass Is Greener” and Fab Five Freddy the film’s creator made timely comments introducing the film. What genius. What a movie for our times. #gonewyorkgonewyorkgo

Grateful to be joined by an elite group of local leaders and advocates from around the city, state and region:

Kym Byrnes, TribeTokes
Nancy Udell, Empire State NORML
David Rheins,
Chandra Batra, MASSCANN
Troy Smit, Long Island NORML
Steve Bloom,
Baba Israel, NY NORML, artist and activist
Grant Smith-Ellis, MASSCANN
Alan Beardsley, Curved Papers
Pam Sabrin, The New School


MO Curved: Steve was just talking about you.

Bloom: Yeah, we were just doing, Freddy, we were just doing a whole preamble of everybody’s memories of you, going back …

Fab Five Freddy: Oh!

Bloom: … to Wild Style and Yo, MTV Raps, and then, even bringing it up to date, when we saw you at the Marijuana Rally a couple of years ago when you were working on “Grass Is Greener,” right?

Fab Five Freddy: Yeah. I shot that for my film, though, unfortunately, that did not make it into the film. It didn’t make it in, but I got some footage. That was inspirational.

MO Curved: That was the day that …

Fab Five Freddy: That’s where I got the papers! You sponsored it, and I was like, these Curved Papers are so great. Then a mutual friend connected us, and you gave me some. Love those. Love those Curved Papers. So …

Bloom: So … Freddy, where did you come up with the idea for the film? Where did you come up with it? Like, how did you decide to make that movie?

Fab Five Freddy:

Well, you know, that, in the way that conversations, in the way that great ideas sometimes happen, I was having a conversation with a really good friend, that I’m about to go into business with. It’s a really good story. So this is a guy, a black guy, a brother from California that had been in the legacy game, up and down California, from Humboldt down through the ‘hood, got caught up in the system, but still, yo, one of the unfortunate things, for people who have been in this legacy of cannabis purveyors and dealers oftentimes have been criminalized, imprisoned, especially people of color. So anyway, we’re talking one day about four years ago. He was like, I figured out, Im gonna start a consultancy business, and I’m gonna call it forty acres and a mule. Because he couldn’t touch the plant, having been in the criminal justice system, but he could be a consultant to advise people who were coming in on all the processes, what strains, and you know, how to maximize what he’s doing, and in that conversation, the forty acres was a reference to forty acres that black people were promised, during Reconstruction, which did happen for a hot minute. So that’s why Spike Lee called his film company Forty Acres, it’s a reference to the fact that black folks after having been enslaved, were denied the ability to take part, or to grow, have some land, to make things happen for themselves, and so he was gonna get that forty acres in the cannabis space. Which was the whole thing, and that conversation sparked the whole idea.

I just was like, wait a minute, you know, black folks were jazz, we’ve been at the front of this since the beginnings of jazz, which I’d known, which you’ll see in the movie, which I learned from my
Dad, who was a Jazzhead, and went back further than I’d realized, and, you know, if you’re a High Times person whose been plugged in, then you know chunks of it, it’s history, but um, then I realized the Hip Hop people I’d introduced, to the audience, when I was doing, Yo! MTV Raps, the MTV thing, and they were big proponents of the plant. Snoop. Cypress Hill. Damn near everybody else. So that really was the genesis of the idea. It was a conversation with a friend. Even the title. “Grass Is Greener,” all happened in this fun conversation. While, of course, I was hitting something really good and really green, and really great flower. and this whole movie sprung from that, and it was a pretty fun thing to tell the story which you’re gonna see.

And it’s a little bit of a snapshot of where I come from, how I come up and the story of the plant that connects, joined at the hip with America’s music, Jazz, as it grew and was created, so did this plant get spread around. And the fact, particularly the fact, that it brought black folks and white folks and anybody together to celebrate, and share this plant, that’s what led to this plant being criminalized, and it’s a sad nightmare reality that something so beneficial and helpful has gone through this, and, so, that was the, I learned way more, that was the fun thing about the doc, is, you learn, I learned a hell of a lot that I was able to share with, you know, a lot of people, with you guys.

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