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Curved Papers, Inc. has forged a useful new shape for cigarette rolling papers that is a true innovation.

People are turning to the Roll Your Own (RYO) market because of the high price and toxicity of today's tobacco products. At a time when ease of use is paramount for many new users, Curved Papers, Inc. introduces cigarette rolling papers that are genuinely ...

CurvedTM Papers' elegant design eliminates the catching corners of traditional rectangular rolling papers. The subtly curved patent-pending edge makes CurvedTM Papers roll up without a hitch.

Experienced rollers love the convenience of CurvedTM Papers, too!

CurvedTM Papers Give You An Edge.

At 18gsm, CurvedTM Papers are lighter than the traditional brands of 21gsm and higher. They are the lightest papers that hold their form and are genuinely easy to roll. CurvedTM Papers use only the finest materials and let you roll an excellent smoke with ease.

Our sustainable production processes and professional trade relationships are the foundation of our progressive outlook and green product offerings.

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Easy To Roll CurvedTM Papers
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N.B. Since rolling papers can be used with tobacco, you must be 21 years of age to visit this site. Curved Papers earnestly and continuously endeavors to implement policies in accord with the laws and regulations of the localities where CurvedTM Papers are sold.
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