#6 Legalization Is Safe

Seven Points About Legalization in New York 2021
#6 Saturday: Legalization Is Safe.

We’ll be the sixteenth state to legalize. The roads are safe and the kids are safe in legal states. Safer! The data is there.

In New York two groups oppose legalization for two reasons. Law Enforcement and The PTA oppose because of their own corporate financial needs, firstly, and secondly because of a reefer madness type ignorance along with newer disinformation by other corporate interests.

No one in the legalization movement supports lawlessness. Think about that. We are trying to get the right laws passed.

And we are just as careful with and concerned about our kids and yours as anyone else. Just the same. As far an NIMBY. IIYBY. It’s in your backyard. You don’t hear about it, because nothing bad happens.

Specifically regarding driving. Stoned driving is not drunk driving. A New York cop said he’s done hundreds DUI stops in his career. Two involved “the smell of weed.” Impaired driving due to pot is just not a thing.

There are lots of things you can do well while stoned that you cannot do when you are drunk. Look at the NBA and NHL. Can’t do that when you are drunk.

This money grab Law Enforcement does each time a state legalizes weed. There is no need. Cops go where you are needed. We need you and we respect you. New York can spend tax money on important things people actually need.

The state and local governments should stop spending money on private schemes to use technology to fine and arrest people, to generate government revenues, and private revenues, by putting them in private jails. #personalfreedom

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